Friday, March 14, 2008

IMU-Strathclyde Pharmacy Class of 2008

It's the very last day of class!!!

The last lecture of my life.

The video has been edited at the end to include some of todays pics. I'll pass the softcopy around tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the video. Especially Shirlyn who came up with the idea and was supposed to make the damn vid but who is unfortunately an I.T. IDIOT so she has to force me to make the class video altho I never ever go to class wtf. Also thanks to Min Tien for conveniently placing a photo of the new IMU building on his blog so I could steal it =)

Final Year Project group: Richard, Charlotte, Wen Jiun and moi.

My loolaboos.

After a rather long and muddy post-final-lecture photoshoot, we girls headed off to the new Malaysian kopitiam nearby to kinda celebrate.


We found out why the kopitiam was really called Rumours.

Cause the aunty working there is damn blardy zhizha (erm, noisy)!!

Whilst taking our orders, she actually sat down beside us to gossip! So farnee!

The aunty (or rather, jie jie as she prefers to be called) is a Malaysian from Johor and she speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and I assume also English lar.Wahlau stay very near Mein samo! Haha.

She told us she's the sister of the other aunty who works at Asia Style and Mein wanted to take a photo with her since she already took a photo with the Asia Style aunty. But then haiya this jie jie damn vain, she told us to give her a call next time before we popped in again so she could change into nicer clothes and "pan leng" a bit for the photo wtf.

The set lunch there costs only £6.50 and the aunty gave us a 10% discount samo. The food was really really authentic Malaysian hawker-stall yummylicious yumyum slurp!

And the aunty even gave us two servings or roti bakar on the house! Simply because we layan her gossipy-ness. SO cute!

She told us that she had actually wanted to name the cafe "Delay No More".

Question mark rite?

Think of it in Cantonese.

Still don't get it??


Diu lei lo mo!

LOL! (That's "fuck your mother" in English)

Aunty ah aunty, don't so naughty lar!

We left the cafe feeling very very happy, full and delighted that we had found the one and only YUMCHA place in Glasgow weeeeeeeeeee! Sadly it closes at 11pm so we can't really stay till the wee hours.

Shirlyn, Mein and Nee wanted to go to Berkeley's Scott after that.

While they were inside doing their stuff, the rest of us took to camwhoring to cure the boredom.

Literally "Sek bao, mo yeh zho" (eat full, nothing better to do).

And I got my new N95 8GB at last hurrah!

6 kepoh people commented:

ky said...

awwww so sweet of u to make the video. how time flies...the first time i saw ur orientation pics was in ur old blog wei which was bertamadun ago. mushroom army lollerskates

(chewah reply as if i'm ur coursemate like that)

shirlyn said...

actually im still not bored of watching this video la..eventho i've watched it like 10,000 times..hahHAHhaha..

thank you so0o soo0oo much for making this video, ping-er...sorry for taking up so much of ur time...wat2do..u have an IT-idiotic hsemate here...hehe..

ti3nD said...

good job on the video!! :)

5/5 stars :P

Anonymous said...

yes i'm one crazy person who wakes up early in the morning to kepoh ppl's blog.. even view the video before it's been officially played in front of the class =p
great job btw~

Xin Yin-

ahmein0520 said...

OMG, i din know that you guys did so funny thing when we were inside the office.. dam canwhore tak boleh tahan.. haha the aunty very cute ho i like her so much la, cos she as chi zha as me...

ahmein0520 said...

and ho, you and wen jiun look so super small when u stand beside ur research group ppl..